After working in the industry for over twenty years as a film director, producer and acting coach helping actors analyze scripts, I developed an eye for what makes scripts work. I have script doctored hundreds of scripts, helping writers with story, pace, dialogue, visuals and structure. Most importantly I help writers find the exciting moments in their scripts when silences are “talking.”

I can improve your script by weeding out extraneous dialogue, telling you when the pace is slowing and by analyzing what works and what does not. Because the structure of screenplays is crucial, I will keep you on track. People in the industry know in the first five pages if a script is good. I will make sure they keep reading yours.

I charge only $300 for the first time I work on a script and the price is negotiated for re-writes. I script doctor full length features, shorts, and television and spec scripts. I work with established screen-writers and those just starting out.

Deryn Warren

Deryn Warren is one of the finest script consultants/script doctors I've worked with in my twenty years as a screenwriter. She knows what makes a story tick, how to create three-dimensional characters, the importance of subtext and the value of economy in dialogue. I am grateful for her advice on my latest script which is a currently a semi-finalist for the Nicoll Fellowship.
Alex Simon
Nicholl Fellowship Semi-Finalist

Winner, 1st Place Maverick Award, Cinequest 20 Screenwriting Competition; Grand Prize Winner, Table Read My Screenplay, 2011; 2nd Prize, Drama, Creative World Awards; 2nd Prize, The Writers Place Competition; 3rd Prize, Creative Screenwriting Magazine AAA Screenwriting Competition; 4th Prize, American Screenwriting Competition; Finalist, Slamdance Screenwriting Competition; Quarterfinalist, The Nicholl Fellowship; Top Ten Finalist, Final Draft Big Break Competition; Finalist, Blue Cat Screenplay Competition; Finalist, Austin Film Festival Screenwriting Competition.

I have utilized Deryn Warren as a script doctor on numerous occasions. I find her to be thorough, precise and always spot-on with her notes. She is able to direct a writer to changes in a pointed manner, making not only criticisms, but more importantly, providing very specific suggestions on how to make something better.
William Bigelow
"Boat Trip," plays and numerous TV shows, from "Murder, She Wrote" to "Grimm."

After I finished my first script I spent months editing, reading, and reworking it. I had no idea how to fix it, so I gave it to Deryn. She gave it back to me full of notes, cuts and insightful suggestions. I did many re-writes with her and optioned it to independent producers. She knows Story inside out and can tell you what's missing. Deryn is amazing, accessible, fun . . . ! If you are serious about being a script writer, contact Deryn.
Michael Giannini
Brown University

A script doctor as precise and thorough as a good surgeon with the utmost care and concern for her patient – the writer. Her to the point questions and comments continually challenged and inspired me in all phases of telling and visualizing my story.
Robert Freedman
MFA University of Massachusetts, Amherst