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As a former actress, a film and theater director and as someone who has watched hundreds of auditions I am uniquely qualified to coach actors to win parts from casting directors. I make sure actors memorize their first and last lines, that they know exactly what they are fighting for to change their partner. That they have a back story that makes them fight harder for what they want. Each line is gone over so the actor goes moment to moment confident about their goal. I also stress perfect technique. Actors must never sigh, they must hold the script correctly and be ready the minute they enter the room so the auditors don't see tedious preparation. Once technique is mastered and their goal is established, actors are free to soar.

I have successfully coached actors for films, theater and television including ER. NIP TUCK, CSI, LIFE, THE BANGER SISTERS. BEVERLY HILLS CHIHUAHAU, COMANCHE MOON. LA JOLLA PLAYHOUSE, MARK TAPER FORUM, FLY PAPER, and SILVER CITY.


I teach actors how to risk, how to rise above the crowd and how to make exciting choices. Learning a perfect audition technique improves all your acting skills. Although the class is primarily about auditioning, we also do improvisations and script analysis using plays and contemporary screenplays. Casting directors and directors recommend the class and raid the class for talent, because they know the caliber of work is high. Seven students got work in films last year from the class. This year two have got roles directly from the class and four have found representation from agents I bring in. The class is recommended by the head of casting of HBO Films. The LA Times said, "No wonder students clamor to take Warren's class: the comments are dead-eye accurate." The class is small, professional, friendly and the students help each other find work. Call Deryn at 323-936-0195 for further information. Reasonably priced. There is an advanced class for professional actors who want to work on great material and improve their craft and a new beginner class. The classes are ongoing and held on Tuesdays and Thursday.


Is a start up partnership established by Deryn Warren and Jan Reesman to obtain financing for a slate of films. The films fall within the popular genres of family, horror, action/adventure and thriller and are commercial projects chosen to maximize profits for the investor. All films are intended for theatrical release, but should also perform superbly in the domestic and foreign DVD markets.

Most of the projects are budgeted at $5,000,000. There are two in the under $3,000,000 category and one at $750,000. The projects have been fully developed, have directors attached and are ready to begin pre-production immediately. All attached directors have feature film experience, and include Emmy award winners.